The Ladder Project

Exhibition dates: March 10 – April 28 2017
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Danielle Lopes Cardozo’s installation comprises of numerous and different ladders  (size is variable) reusing vegetation recovered from pavement cracks, wasteland,  tended gardens and nurtured soil.

In a way it ’s a society of ladders made up of individuals that hang together to express the embodiment of the underlying concept based on her notion of drawing not only from life but equally with life. 

The ladder is a universal symbol , a backbone, that is well documented  and generally meant as a trait – d’union between heaven and earth and  in due course between earth and heaven.The ladders are concerned with transformation and reconnection, ranging from the state of equanimity to the plight of displaced and suffering people. 

In addition, a ladder personifies the notion of cheer relief or of joy, of getting to a rung or of landing on your feet again as the case may be, of feeling supported, safe and free and of emerging from a state of chaos and no less the decision that ensues. The ladders are devoid of echelons , what matters most is the sensation of “feeling on top” of something .

On a touching note there is this verse from a poem called ‘In No Strange Land’ by FrancisThompson which sums up the artists objective for anyone who is interested in where to find a ladder.

‘But (when so sad thou canst not sadder)
Cry,-and upon thy so sore loss
Shall shine the traffic of Jacob’s ladder
Pitched betwixt Heaven and Charring Cross’